English in the Business World

Communication is probably the single most important factor in conducting a successful business. Expanding markets, immigration, cross-cultural communications contribute to the quickening pace of communication and the need to send clear, precise messages is becoming more and more important. When people migrate to another area either temporarily or permanently, they naturally become involved somehow in business. Even those smaller companies that don’t necessarily migrate tend to still have the desire to expand to other markets. This facilitates the need for greater understanding of culture and clarity in language usage.


In order to get ahead in your chosen field, you need to make yourself completely understood by the people you are working with. Communication over the phone or via email takes time and as the saying goes, “time is money”. It’s a good idea not to waste it.

Having a native English speaker at your disposal can assist you with these efforts. If you have an English version of your website it is important to make sure the language and message is accurate, meaningful and gets your point across.


Here is an example of how message clarity can interfere with business; I once was working with a company who had a receptionist send out an email informing everyone in the company that the office would be closed on a certain day. The message simply said, “ office closed because of busy”. Obviously the grammar error is evident, but in addition to this it comes across as very impersonal and implies that the business partners are not a priority. Questions arise such as “why can’t I still work in the office if someone else is busy”, “who is it that is busy anyway” and “what is so important that we have to close the office”? Written communication is often overlooked in typical language courses, as the focus is usually more on speaking and listening.


Focusing on delivering a clear message while developing good habits and staying away from the bad habits is important but also takes time to build. If time is not on your side it or if you are unsure how to accurately deliver your message you should consider hiring a native speaker to assist with your needs.

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