Communicating Across Cultures

When it comes to human interaction, it’s all about communication. Without communication, there can be no international business either. People speak and act out of their cultural backgrounds, and thus shape the global business dynamic.   Communication can be regarded as a process of meaning creation: Person A and B establish a specific field of […]

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Translation Accuracy / Our Process

Keeping communication open is critical to running a successful business. In the global business world where translation services are required, accuracy can be vital to completing deals and gaining trust and credibility. Finding a translation services is not difficult. A quick Google search will yield a mass of willing service providers. Finding an accurate and […]

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English in the Business World

Communication is probably the single most important factor in conducting a successful business. Expanding markets, immigration, cross-cultural communications contribute to the quickening pace of communication and the need to send clear, precise messages is becoming more and more important. When people migrate to another area either temporarily or permanently, they naturally become involved somehow in […]

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Cultural Sensitivity in the Business World

  We all know that the world is getting smaller, figuratively speaking. Due to many factors such as the Internet, more efficient and cheaper travel and the demand to expand into new markets, there is an escalation of cultural clashes that are being confronted in the business world. As people interact and do business these […]

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Tips for doing business with Americans

  Here are some quick tips to follow when doing business with Americans.   Open and Honest   Generally speaking Americans tend to be more direct about how they feel or what they think about an idea, especially compared to their native speaking British counterparts. That being said, Americans may tend to be “politically correct” […]

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The Culture of Time

When working with people from the United States, as with people from any other culture, it’s good to have some background information and common reference points. My goal is to help provide some insight into what it is like to work with American business people in regards to time.   One huge difference in expectations […]

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